"The DLD Academy course has helped me in numerous ways however the most notable are developing connections with new designers and clients and understanding/developing how to successfully develop my own brand. The most notable clients I have worked with since this course has been Fenty Beauty and Youtuber/Influencer Alivia D'Andrea. With Alivia, she entrusted me to design her a new brand logo as well as a custom font in preparation for season 2 of her docu-series "The Glowup Diaries." It was definitely a new experience but I think the course really helped set me up for success. This course, unlike other courses, has allowed me to connect with a strong group of creatives around the world who are willing to ask relevant questions and give useful feedback as well. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who doesn't know where to start but is interested in jumpstarting their design career!"

– Alex Lee

"DLD academy was the perfect course to round out my design education. There were many things I didn't learn in college, DLD gave me the real-world information I needed. After completing the course, I got my first gig creating a YouTube banner for TikTok stars Nick and Sienna! There are so many things from the course I will continue to explore and develop. One of the best things is the continual connection with everyone from the course. Having a community to talk to and ask questions about the industry is so valuable. I'm so happy I took the leap, it's been such a worthwhile experience. Thank you DLD team"

– Hannah Drennan

"In my experience with other graphic design courses, I still wasn't finding actual advice about working with the types of clients I really wanted to work with.  Or landing consistent work.  The reality is, when you're turning your passion into a career, you need a proven plan that actually works.  In my 5th week inside DLD Academy, I began working with Verizon and Refinery 29.  Now I design and write for my favorite fashion, beauty, & lifestyle brands, and literally see how my work reconnects people to what they love most in life.  And I quadrupled my income in just a few months.  This is the best online graphic design course.  Deciding to enroll in DLD Academy changed the entire trajectory of my life."

– Chelli Johnson

"Hi, I’m Brogan & I’m a 20-year-old, undergraduate student, currently at University in the UK.  I’d like to start by saying a huge thank you to Dawn & Yuki for having such a significant and positive impact on my life!  Honestly, I was hesitant to sign up for the class since I was already studying BA Hons Graphic Communication at University. However, the course has benefited me in so many ways that university never did!  Coming from a design background & already having regular clients made me question whether I was the right student for the course; however, I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. The course gave me valuable insight into the business side of design which you just can’t find the answers to online. Not only was the course beneficial to my knowledge, but Dawn also gave me the confidence & self-belief I was missing.  Since the course, I have continued to grow my social media channels, worked with larger clients (some of which Dawn provided the class with), & was offered a junior design position at an awesome agency who have offices in London & New York while I finish my studies at university.  If you’re curious if the course is as good as it sounds, feel free to contact me or take the jump, you won’t regret it."

– Brogan Algar

"The Academy has been an incredible journey in helping me take my next steps as a designer.  Not only has the course taught me the fundamentals of design but the team went above and beyond in teaching me and other students how to conduct business in a professional manner while having fun with creativity.  The course offered such a variety of projects to help me expand my skills and try new things outside of what I normally do.  In fact, I was able to get connected to skincare guru and Youtuber EuniUnni to work on some awesome graphics for her including Youtube thumbnails, banners, and Instagram posts!!  This was a highlight for me during my time in class because it taught me that connections with such amazing people out there ARE possible.  What I loved the most about DLD.academy was the fact that everyone was so transparent and the instructors were always available to help with any questions.  For this reason, I never felt alone when I was challenged because the community here is so responsive and supportive!  The team became a family to me and I couldn't have been happier in making my choice to take this class!  Thank you DLD.academy in creating such a positively influential course for designers of all backgrounds!!!"

– Clara Park

"As someone without a design background, by following their steps, I landed my first illustration client! It's by far the best investment I've ever made for myself!  Fast forward to today, I now work with Aja Dang, a lifestyle and personal finance Youtuber, as a graphic designer!  It’s incredible how one assignment from this class led to this amazing opportunity with a Youtuber who I’ve been watching for SO long.  If you told me a year ago that I will be working on exciting creative projects, I wouldn’t believe it.  I can’t thank DLD Academy enough as they’ve truly propelled me forward in my creative career."

– Elaine Zhao

"From the perspective of somebody who studied design in college and had a few years of working experience, DLD.studio was instrumental in broadening my creative horizons and showing me the ropes in the business-savvy side of freelancing. The first-hand insights into the mechanisms of running your own boutique design studio were invaluable to my skillset as a fresh face in the industry. In addition to the fountain of knowledge and resources that DLD shares with its students, I was also afforded the opportunity to work with an amazing client as a direct result from one of the program's assignments. The rebranding project I worked on with this client, in turn, became a key piece in my portfolio and has helped open even more doors for my career in the long run.  What makes DLD.studio stand out from other design programs is its business sense and focus on real-life application, based on Dawn's own experiences as a creative.  As a result, the program feels much more personal and relevant to my own journey as a creative aspiring to start my own business in the future."

– Robert Diep

"Hello everyone~ I’m Kaitlyn!  I was mainly looking to expand my portfolio and see how the DLD team works, and the classes themselves exceeded all my expectations. The demos were insanely helpful and the classes definitely teach you things you don't usually learn in a normal classroom setting. The DLD team was always attentive to the needs of every person in the class and though I was intimidated at first, I felt so welcomed! Now, I'm able to showcase some of the stuff we've done as a class to professionals, and I currently have an internship in one of the big five publishing groups as someone who does a lot of marketing and creative stuff! This class was the best leap of faith I've taken, and I hope others who are thinking of going down the same road can use this little testimony of mine as a nudge. The students + the DLD team have built a small little family too ❤️❤️"

– Kaitlyn Ann Gosiaco

"Hi guys, personally, I was more interested in the business aspect of the program rather than building my portfolio, but Dawn and the team will be able to assist you no matter what level of experience you have! I have been freelancing for a while but was never fully taught in design school anything about how to actually land clients or proper ways to communicate with them. Which is why I’m super grateful for the opportunity I had to take this course—I learned a lot more about the nitty gritty business details than I did in school and I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to be more professional with clients.  I would highly recommend this class to those who are interested, I’d say go for it because it truly is a great investment to starting your design career. Thanks DLD you guys are the best :-)"

– Carmelinne Sanga

"I had done some small graphic design work in the past for college clubs and during my internships, but I wanted to improve my skills and possibly pursue doing graphic design as a freelancer. My goals coming into this program were to develop a portfolio and learn more about being a freelancer, and this class was a great start for me.  I found the classes to be super informative in terms of starting a freelance business as well as how to land/interact with professional clients. While the design courses I took in school helped me with design fundamentals and technical skills, DLD.academy taught me to take the initiative to seek opportunities for myself, helped me discover what niches and areas of graphic design I wanted to pursue and taught me the first steps to take in becoming a freelancer and developing a business, which is something I definitely didn't learn in school. I really enjoyed the classes and can't recommend it enough to those that are thinking about pursuing a career in design!"

– Emily Eng

"My name is Shelly, and I also have much to say about DLD.academy. I just wanted to touch on how much valuable information I was able to learn through this program. I am a self-taught graphic designer, and one of my biggest goals was that I wanted to build a good foundational knowledge of how to start a freelance business, especially in the beauty/fashion space. Not only have I been able to do that during this program, but also the nitty gritty of how to reach out to clients, finding your niche, business communication etiquette, and much more. I’ve been folllowing Dawn’s work since she started making graphics for Jenn Im, and I feel very grateful to have been able to learn from her directly. :) Big shoutout to DLD for truly caring about their students and giving us an amazing foundation to kickstart our design careers. <3"

– Shelly Phu

"I would highly recommend this course for those who are beginners in design and want to learn the business aspect of it. This course was very informative. I learned how to get out of my comfort zone by taking initiative, how to reach out and approach clients, what to expect in the real world of design, how to make portfolios, and the list goes on.  At my school, I only learned how to improve my technical skills, however, I wasn't aware of what I should be prepared for after I graduate and what I would be expecting when I start to freelance. I am grateful for this program for teaching me valuable information and for constantly inspiring me to keep designing. I can’t thank the team enough for being such great supporters. 😊"

– Kristy Chang

"Hey everyone! My name is Rachel and I wanted to share my experience with DLD Academy. I graduated a year ago with a Psychology degree, but I realized I wanted to be a creative.  From then, I spent months learning graphic design online, and I stumbled across DLD Academy. DLD taught me to brand myself as a professional and to create a stunning portfolio. I learned so much from Dawn that I ended up with 15 pages of notes, and the knowledge to run my own design business. I love how Dawn shared her personal experience, to give us a sense of how to start freelancing and getting clients. Even though I don’t have a wide design background, the course was still very easy to follow. I also got access to a small community of designers and landed a design internship from these connections. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in starting their design career!"

– Rachel Cheng

"I’m a student from DLD.academy and I feel like I’ve learned so much and gained a lot so I wanted to share! At the beginning of the course, I had only been pursuing design for a few months and I feel like this course taught me much of what I needed to know about the design world (both technical and professional aspects). DLD.academy gave a lot of insights on the business side of design that was not only applicable to my career path, but also applicable to my interactions with people outside of business settings. Dawn’s technical demos also showed many techniques that I would never have thought of myself and it was great to see a professional designer’s process in creating.  As someone who isn’t a design major, I don’t frequently get feedback from professionals on how I could better my designs so I felt like their insights were very valuable and liked how they were personalized. All in all, I’m so glad I enrolled in the course and really felt Dawn’s genuineness for teaching and for our success."

– Serene Supakkul

"Signing up for DLD.academy was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.  The class is fun, informative, and easy to learn. Dawn gave all the tools, tips, and tricks to start a graphic design business. DLD.academy also has the best support system because everyone in this class is very nice and supportive of each other.  When I first started, I didn’t have a portfolio and I had no idea what I was doing.  I was just starting to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Now, I have a portfolio online, I have a couple of works I can send to potential clients, I’m comfortable with Illustrator and Photoshop and I can confidently say that I am a graphic designer without any qualifiers afterward.  DLD.academy gave me the tools to build my skills, my business, as well as my confidence as a designer."

– Pisey Keo

"My name is Joy and I just finished DLD.academy!  I recently graduated with a design background but wasn’t feeling very confident in freelancing or taking on the business side of design (proposals, contracts, reaching out to clients, etc). DLD.academy eased my mind and made those difficult tasks easier to navigate. The team goes ABOVE and BEYOND to share tips and in-depth advice in each lesson. I love how they talk about their own personal experiences with DLD Studio (which makes an online class seem so much more intimate!!). They let you know what works for them and also suggest tools that might work best for you. This course is great for designers but even creatives with no design experience! Dawn creates easy-to-follow demos which is amazing to see her walk you through her very own design process. With DLD.academy, I gained the confidence I needed and now I’m working with a beauty youtuber! If you are a creative individual looking to grow personally and professionally in a supportive, like-minded community, I highly recommend taking the initiative to sign up for DLD.academy. You will definitely see your creative journey flourish"

– Joy Lin Arness

"Hi everyone! I’m currently studying graphic design in school and decided to participate in DLD.academy. I’ve had a great experience so far. I’m only halfway through the course material as I’m writing this, but the wealth of information the DLD team has already shared is amazing. Dawn does share a few of her technical tips and tricks throughout the course, but the main focus was really on the business side of things which isn’t really taught in schools. They walk you through step-by-step how to grow and refine your design business, sharing their experiences and mistakes so you can learn from them. Definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in design as a career!"

– Christine Huang

"Hi everyone! I was one of the students enrolled in DLD.academy these past eight weeks and I just wanted to vouch for how life-changing the program has been for me!  Before coming into the program, I knew that I wanted to level-up my portfolio, build my personal brand and website, and learn to work with clients - however, all of that was merely thoughts in my head that I was never actually proactive about. When I joined DLD.academy though, I was immediately surrounded by a supportive community that pushed me to start working on these dreams of mine. Having completed the course, I can confidently present my portfolio and have an established personal brand I am proud of, and I was able to speak with influencers and land opportunities I never deemed imaginable before. It’s definitely unlike any other design course I’ve taken. The course also just dove into real issues designers might face in the working world, how to navigate them, and the soft skills you need, whereas I find many other courses simply focus on the technical side.  I really recommend for anyone thinking about the program to take the leap and try it - the benefits you reap are worth more than any cost 🙂 Feel free to message me if you want to know more about my experience!"

– Kelly Chong

"I just completed the online program with DLD.academy and would like to thank the DLD team for putting together such a well-informed yet fun course.  I really enjoyed learning how to establish a design business from reaching out to potential clients, setting contracts, how to effectively communicate with your clients, and ways to manage your design business.  I also loved watching Dawn’s demos and seeing her design process - it was really interesting to see how she creates her designs.  I learned so much valuable information that I hadn’t learned while studying graphic design beforehand and with this knowledge and the DLD.academy’s support I feel so much more confident in leveling up my designs and reaching out to clients.  Thank you so much for putting together this program! I highly recommend this program for anyone interested in pursuing a design business! ♡"

– Milan Leef