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You'll learn how to turn your passion for creativity into a 6-figure freelance design business

...WITHOUT years of experience, industry connections, a background in business, a background in design, OR a large social media following


Inside DLD.Academy, You'll Learn:

  • How to turn your passion for art into a sustainable way to make a living from the Designer that Influences Influencers™
  • Cutting edge design demos on Photoshop and Illustrator (Logo design, branding, Youtube graphics and more...)
  • Leverage the power of today's social media platforms to get recurring clients... without any paid advertising
  • Find opportunities to work with high profile influencers and international brands without any industry connections
  • How to upskill your freelancing and build a killer portfolio that stands out 
  • Effective email & phone communication for creative agencies
  • Proven strategies on securing high profile clients and properly managing large scale projects

👀 PLUS...

  • Private Community for critiques + feedback + networking + opportunities for work
  • Standard contract kit for graphic designers

AND learn how to create PASSIVE INCOME as a designer & earn automated recurring revenue... 💰

This is not a typical design course... 

We pass leads to students who show promise in the program and will continue to do so. 

Our best students may be asked to work on some of our in-house projects or be asked to join us in creating additional passive income through our Merch by Amazon program. 

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What People Are Saying:

“Hi everyone! I just competed a course by DLD.academy and I cannot recommend it enough for designers or people who want to get into the design field. Dawn and her team were super helpful in helping me present myself to potential clients. In DLD.academy, we went over both the technical/creative and the business side of design. As someone without a design background, I found the course to be extremely helpful - it’s jam-packed with useful information that is applicable to the real world of business and design. By following their steps, it has benefited me for the better (one of which included landing my first illustration client!) I am confident that whoever takes this class will gain invaluable knowledge and tools to help you grow in your creative journey.”

Elaine Zhao

“Hello everyone~ I’m Kaitlyn! I was also one of the lucky eight in the first ever DLD.academy program. I was mainly looking to expand my portfolio and see how the DLD team works, and the classes themselves exceeded all my expectations. The demos were insanely helpful and the classes definitely teach you things you don't usually learn in a normal classroom setting. Dawn, Sophie and Yuki were always attentive to the needs of every person in the class and though I was intimidated at first, I felt so welcomed! Now, I'm able to showcase some of the stuff we've done as a class to professionals, and I currently have an internship in one of the big five publishing groups as someone who does a lot of marketing and creative stuff! This class was the best leap of faith I've taken (Yuki told me I was the last student to sign up, so hah!), and I hope others who are thinking of going down the same road can use this little testimony of mine as a nudge. The eight students + the DLD team have built a small little family too ❤️❤️”

Kaitlyn Ann Gosiaco

“Hi guys, I was also one of the first students to be apart of the DLD.academy program! Personally, I was more interested in the business aspect of the program rather than building my portfolio, but Dawn and the team will be able to assist you no matter what level of experience you have! I have been freelancing for a while but was never fully taught in design school anything about how to actually land clients or proper ways to communicate with them. Which is why I’m super grateful for the opportunity I had to take this course—I learned a lot more about the nitty gritty business details than I did in school and I feel like I have a much better understanding of how to be more professional with clients. I also loved that I was able to connect with Dawn, Sophie, and Yuki on a more personal level. They were extremely helpful and they were able to give me direct feedback on any of my work or any questions I had. I would highly recommend this class to those who are interested, I’d say go for it because it truly is a great investment to starting your design career. Thanks DLD you guys are the best :-)”

Carmelinne Sanga

“Hi everyone! :) I was also one of the 8 students of DLD.Academy. I had done some small graphic design work in the past for college clubs and during my internships, but I wanted to improve my skills and possibly pursue doing graphic design as a freelancer. My goals coming into this program were to develop a portfolio and learn more about being a freelancer, and this class was a great start for me. Dawn, Sophie, and Yuki were extremely helpful in providing feedback and being interactive, and I found the classes to be super informative in terms of starting a freelance business as well as how to land/interact with professional clients. While the design courses I took in school helped me with design fundamentals and technical skills, DLD.Academy taught me to take the initiative to seek opportunities for myself, helped me discover what niches and areas of graphic design I wanted to pursue, and taught me the first steps to take in becoming a freelancer and developing a business, which is something I definitely didn't learn in school. I really enjoyed the classes and can't recommend it enough to those that are thinking about pursuing a career in design!”

Emily Eng

“Hi everyone! My name is Shelly, and I also have much to say about *DLD.academy*. I just wanted to touch on how much valuable information I was able to learn through this program. I am a self-taught graphic designer, and one of my biggest goals that I outlined during the initial call was that I wanted to build a good foundational knowledge of how to start a freelance business, especially in the beauty/fashion space. Not only have I been able to do that during this program, but also the nitty gritty of how to reach out to clients, finding your niche, business communication etiquette, and much more. I’ve been folllowing Dawn’s work since she started making graphics for Jenn Im, and I feel very grateful to have been able to learn from her directly. :) Big shoutout to Dawn, Sophie and Yuki for truly caring about their students and giving us an amazing foundation to kickstart our design careers. <3”

Shelly Phu

“Hello DLD community! I am a student from the DLD.Academy and I just completed this course as well. I would highly recommend this course for those who are beginners in design and want to learn the business aspect of it. This course was very informative. I learn how to get out of my comfort zone by taking initiative, how to reach out or approach to clients, what to expect in the real world of design, how to make portfolios, and the list goes on. At my school, I only learn how to improve my technical skills, however, I wasn't aware about what I should be prepared after I graduate and what I would be expecting when I start to freelance. I am grateful for this program for teaching me valuable information and for constantly inspiring me to keep designing. I can’t thank the team enough for always giving us feedbacks and being such great supporters. 😊”

Kristy Chang