The Secrets To Building A Profitable Design Business and Landing High Profile Clients

... without years of experience, industry connections, a background in business, a background in design, OR a large social media following


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The Design Academy That Teaches You The Creative Side + The Business Side

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Learn how to turn your passion for art into a sustainable way to make a living from the Designer that Influences Influencers

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Leverage the power of today's social media platforms to get recurring clients... without any paid advertising

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Find opportunities to work with high profile influencers and international brands without any industry connections

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Upskill your freelancing and build a killer portfolio that stands out 

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Learn effective email & phone communication for creative agencies

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Learn how to create passive income as a designer and earn automated recurring revenue

This is not your typical design course... 🤫

You may be asked to work on some of our studio projects, or even create passive income through our Merch by Amazon program...

I'll show you how I launched a six figure freelance business while remaining true to my passion for art

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"Dawn Lee is the Designer that Influences Influencers"

- Chris Guillebeau (New York Times Best Selling Author of $100 Startup)


Once upon a time, I was jobless with 0 industry connections... 

💪 Then I built my business from the ground up

Now I work with clients who are brands with global reach and influencers with millions of followers, such as ✨ Fenty Beauty, Colourpop, Laurdiy, Pokimane, and Jenn Im ✨

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Get lifetime access to video demos of her cutting edge design techniques 

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I actually work with each and every student on leveling up their design business

"As someone without a design background, I found the course to be extremely helpful - By following their steps, it has benefited me for the better (one of which included landing my first illustration client!) It's by far the best investment I've ever made for myself. For one of the class assignments, I created a mock channel banner for Aja Dang, a lifestyle and personal finance Youtuber. Through this assignment, I was able to get in touch with her. Fast forward to today, I now work with her as a graphic designer! It’s incredible how one assignment from this class let to this amazing opportunity with a Youtuber who I’ve been watching for SO long. If you told me a year ago that I will be working on exciting creative projects, I wouldn’t believe it. I can’t thank DLD enough as they’ve truly propelled me forward in my creative career."

Elaine Zhao
Illustrator and Graphic Designer

"The course has been an incredible journey in helping me take my next steps as a designer. Not only has the course taught me the fundamentals of design but the team went above and beyond in teaching me and other students how to conduct business in a professional manner while having fun with creativity. The course offered such a variety of projects to help me expand my skills and try new things outside of what I normally do. In fact, I was able to get connected to skincare guru and Youtuber EuniUnni to work on some awesome graphics for her including Youtube thumbnails, banners, and Instagram posts!! This was a highlight for me during my time in class because it taught me that connections with such amazing people out there ARE possible. What I loved the most about was the fact that everyone was so transparent and the instructors were always available to help with any questions. For this reason, I never felt alone when I was challenged because the community here is so responsive and supportive! The team became a family to me and I couldn't have been happier in making my choice to take this class! Thank you Dawn, Sophie, and Yuki in creating such a positively influential course for designers of all backgrounds!!!"

Clara Park
Graphic Designer


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