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"...Dawn also gave me the confidence & self-belief I was missing. I was offered a junior design position at an awesome agency who have offices in London & New York while I finish university."

– Brogan Algar

"I was able to get connected to skincare guru and Youtuber EuniUnni to work on some awesome graphics for her including Youtube thumbnails, banners, and Instagram posts!"

– Clara Park

"...Without a design background, I landed my first illustration client! I now work with Aja Dang, a lifestyle and personal finance Youtuber, as a graphic designer!"

– Elaine Zhao

"... Since this course, I've have worked with Fenty Beauty and Youtuber/Influencer Alivia D'Andrea..."

– Alex Lee




DESIRABLE a client that you actually want to work with, and other people want to work with them too.

REAL a real company or content creator that is paying real money to work with you, no working just for shoutouts.


ENGAGED the client takes their brand seriously and is consistently working to meet the needs of their customers.


ALIGNED the client supports and believes in causes that you can also proudly stand behind.

MINDFUL the client respects your design process and wants to work with you in producing the best work possible.

  • Proven strategies on how to work with any brand with social media graphics by the Designer that Influences Influencers

  • Easy to follow guide on how to turn your passion for art into a sustainable way to make a living

  • Education to leverage the power of today’s social media platforms to get recurring clients without paying for any advertising

  • Ways to find opportunities to work with your favorite DREAM clients without having any industry connections

  • Training to upskill your freelancing and build a killer portfolio that stands out

  • Proven strategies on securing high profile clients and properly managing large scale projects

Dawn Lee, once a jobless college graduate, now runs a 6-figure design studio that works with some of the biggest content creators and brands in the beauty and lifestyle industry.

"LA Graphic designer that Influences Influencers"
– Chris Guillebeau.

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